mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Day 3: one, some, or all of your friends

Déjà trois jours! Voici les Bubble head Epochs:

Aussi, si jamais vous souhaitiez faire le même défit, j'ai pensé partager avec vous la liste officielle de nos thèmes:

DAY 1. Yourself or your persona
DAY 2. Someone you like
DAY 3. One, some, or all of your friends
DAY 4. An animal you think is really cute
DAY 5. Favorite place
DAY 6. Something you've never drawn
DAY 7. Your family or a family member
DAY 8. Something with your favorite colour
DAY 9. Your favorite cartoon/anime character
DAY 10. Something you couldn't live without
DAY 11. Your favorite food
DAY 12. Your favorite outfit
DAY 13. A group picture
DAY 14. Favorite fairytale
DAY 15. Something that represent your favorite song
DAY 16. Favorite plant
DAY 17. A couple
DAY 18. Something you're afraid of
DAY 19. Something new
DAY 20. Something you want
DAY 21. Something you miss
DAY 22. Something you need
DAY 23. Something that makes you happy
DAY 24. Your favorite holiday
DAY 25. Your favorite season
DAY 26. A room
DAY 27. A place you want to go
DAY 28. Anything you'd like
DAY 29. Something that represents your favorite culture/country/language
DAY 30. A congrat banner for finishing the challenge!

Good luck! :)

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